Five years ago, we met at a bus stop in Barcelona. An American and an Englishman who had decided to forego the constant material rat race in our respective countries to live a better and more balanced life in Spain. During conversations about work, life and children, we learned over many empty glasses that we shared a love of rum, gin and vodka. We also both used CBD to manage the aches, pains and stresses of our daily lives.

When we discovered that no one had developed a collection of CBD spirits, we decided to do it ourselves. We formed Top with a simple mission: to create superior tasting CBD craft spirits with clean ingredients and daring flavours. To meet this goal, our journey took us to more than 30 countries and four continents to select our ingredients, which we brought with us to our distillery on the beautiful coast of Scotland. We then spent a year studying how to integrate our THC-free CBD within our spirits. We realized that the best way to maximize taste and harness the daring flavours we were innovating was to make each spirit a Navy Strength 54.5%. 

After many tastings and trials (it was very hard work!), including having them vetted by numerous cocktail professionals, we exceeded our own standards by producing a spirit that is super clean, easily consumable by purists and one that delights both professional and amateur mixologists. In the words of the owner of one exclusive bar, “these spirits taste amazing and are incredibly versatile.”  

As you explore our website, we hope that you will embark on your own tasting of Top's spirits because it truly is possible to live AND drink well.   


Saf and Nick


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