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Spiced Rum

After our distillation process, we spice our Rum with cassia bark, orange peel, ginger, Indian vanilla pods and 10 mg of first-class CBD. Unlike most spiced rums which use artificial colours and flavours, our unique combination of spices and flavours give it a natural dark colour with a sweet aroma. Drink it straight or pair it with a craft cola or ginger beer.

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Classic Rum

Top's Classic Rum is made using fermented molasses that is distilled twice using four copper plates giving it a natural aroma and a smooth taste. The Classic Rum is 54.5% Vol. and contains 50 mg of premium full spectrum CBD. Enjoy a cloudy tipple into your favorite mojito, daiquiri or piña colada. Only available in 500 ml.  

Mocha Rum

Top proudly brings to the world of rum a truly remarkable spirit that blends the best in chocolate and coffee into its Mocha Rum. Using the same distillation method as our Classic Rum, Top adds organic Colombian cacao, cold pressed South American coffee and our signature 50 mg of premium full spectrum CBD. After you finish your next meal, enjoy the perfect after dinner drink that marries two remarkable flavours into one amazing spirit. Only available in 500 ml.

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