Premier CBD Infusions

As connosieurs of premium spirits and CBD, we wanted to marry the two. We believed if we could harness the potential health benefits of CBD into superior tasting spirits using only clean and natural ingredients, people could truly live AND drink well. We chose the name Top (Pot backwards) because of our lofty aspirations and to honor the CBD in our spirits.

We have created nine original craft spirits that each contain 50 mg of premium full spectrum CBD with no added sugars, essences, flavours, or colours. Our spirits have a distinct cloudiness which comes from the premier CBD infusion. Buy one of our premium gins now and 100% of the profits go to the NHS!

Support the NHS!

Help Top honor the NHS by buying one of its premium gins. 100% of the profits go to the NHS.

Rum Range

Top makes the best CBD infused rums you have ever tasted. Try one...Now!

Vodka Range

Top's superior tasting vodkas are worth the investment!